What’s the best way to really capture the moments of your big day? Pictures and videos. While you will probably hire a professional photographer and/or videographer to get the main pictures, it has become a huge trend to get your guests involved in the fun! Here are a few up and coming photo trends we’ve noticed.


One of the most popular trends nowadays is the hashtag.  Brides come up with unique, witty tags for their guests to use on social media. Guests are able to hashtag any photos of the big day or events leading up to it, and then collectively look at all the posts related to the event.

Photo Booths

Photo booths are a popular trend that gives your wedding a creative twist. They are a great way to occupy your guests that need a break from the dance floor. Using props in your photo booth is also a must! Your guests won’t be able to resist the chance to take fun photos and leave you and your groom with a picture that captures a great moment. You can incorporate your wedding theme into the photo booth too. If you are having a vintage theme, you can have fun picture frames that your guests can pose with. If you prefer the glamour, you can use chandeliers and masks for your guests to have fun with! Once you have collected all of the photos from your wedding day, you can make a scrapbook or an online album for all to see. You can even include the photo booth pictures of your guests along with their Thank You cards!


Selfie Stations

We are obsessed with the idea of a selfie station for you and your guests. All it takes is a few props, a stylish back drop and a photographer, and you’ll create fun and quirky photos that will last a lifetime. Selfie stations don’t take up as much room as photo booths and offer a great photo opt to use those hashtags! Selfie Station