IMG_0830Glynnis McDaris is a popular photographer and her groom, Dustin Bowlin is a film producer- they are quite the power couple! Both live and work in New York City, but they decided to come down south to tie the knot! You can’t get more southern than a cotton field in Taylor, MS- so that is exactly where they decided to wed.

Taylor was the perfect southern destination because it is very charming and has sweet memories for the bride who used to visit a close family friend there during summers growing up.

Guests from all over the world flew in for the occasion, which turned out to be a blissful Mississippi summer night! Picture a gorgeous cotton field, a sunset backdrop, and a beaming groom playing the guitar while guests took their seats.

For guest’s seating during the ceremony we pulled out vintage chairs, benches, and couches from the infamous “Roost”. The maid of honor constructed the bridal party flowers using gorgeous purple irises.

Following the ceremony, guests moved to a white tent where they danced and enjoyed music played by Cedric Burnside & Lightin Malcolm with a show preformed by the Memphis Jookers! It was a perfect, southern night!IMG_0467_BWIMG_0559_crop