I love how unique each wedding is, and how happy the newlyweds look when they enter a reception hall to see the celebration party of their dreams waiting filled with best friends and family. One that stood out to me was Andrea and Chris’ reception held at The Lyric Oxford. The two were so in love and fun that nothing could bring them down. The two showed up to the Lyric with sparkling eyes and outrageously big smiles, ready to party! They entered their reception to guests screaming Ole Miss’s Hotty Toddy chant and kept up the lively atmosphere all night. They had upbeat music played by a live band, Almost Famous, and lovely guests who all tremendously enjoyed themselves. Even Colonel Reb showed up for a bit to congratulate the couple and pose for a few pictures. There was so much love and excitement that surrounded this couple and their big day; it would have be impossible not to have a great time!!

Favorite Wedding