A recent trend we’ve seen that brides are loving are mirrors with calligraphy painted on them.  The mirrors can be ornate or simple, big or small, the options are endless!  You get to pick and choose what works styles work best and how to use them throughout your decor. Here are a few examples of what we’ve seen, but get creative when thinking because this trend is too fun not to use!

1. Cocktail Menu

Big or small mirrors can be used to display what you and your groom’s signature drinks are!


2. Entryway Decor

Custom monograms, sweet sayings, or a simple welcome sign all look amazing on an oversized mirror!



3. Send-off Announcement

Make sure your guests know what time the send off is scheduled for with a pretty mirror.



We’ve also seen mirrors used for seating charts, as food labels, to list the buffet menu, and to display the couple’s hashtag! They have proved to be extremely flexible and easy to use, while adding a little extra flair to your decor.  If you have any other great ideas, comment and let us know!