23 03, 2016

Spring has Sprung!

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Spring is officially in the air! You know what they say about those April showers, they bring May flowers! We love fresh flowers of all varieties in colors. Embrace the blooming season and get creative with your floral pieces. You can put them in your hair, on the walls, or even embed them in the [...]

21 03, 2016

Topping it Off

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Cake toppers are making a huge statement in the wedding world. They add a personalized touch to your cake and give it a little extra decor. Whether it's the more traditional bride and groom topper, or a fun personalized phrase, cake toppers are sure to impress.

20 03, 2016

Why are all you writing either a Roblox Robux Hack available for free

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How to hack Roblox. Are there any Roblox cheats for free robux. By what would mean might you get limitless habits of robux? awesome lets visit the centre of the disease. I've found a tool that all wears apart the online and it is adept to finish such workouts. The age Roblox Hack is usually [...]

9 03, 2016


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The ceremony was beautiful and the dinner tastes fabulous, it's time to sit back, relax, and toast to your amazing day! Although everyone will be clinking glasses and sipping champagne, set aside a special wedding day glass for you and your  spouse. We adore these monogrammed bride and groom wine glasses used at the King [...]

6 03, 2016

Bridesmaid Goodies

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Your bridesmaids are some of your biggest supporters as you prepare for your wedding, so don't forget to show your appreciation with little bridesmaids gifts. Make it personal! We love the idea of monogrammed water bottles, tote bags, or matching robes.

2 03, 2016

Mississippi Wedding of 2015

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One Fine Day is ecstatic to announce that The King & Civera was voted the Mississippi Wedding of 2015 by PopSugar! PopSugar did a piece on "50 Weddings in 50 States", and one of our weddings was chosen to represent Mississippi. It was a gorgeous August day in Taylor, Mississippi, and OFD could not be [...]

29 02, 2016

Dance The Night Away

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While the shoes you walk down the aisle in should be just as fabulous and perfect as the dress, when it comes to the reception, it's okay to change into something more practical. Plan to bring a pair of flats or flip flops to dance the night away in. This saves your feet from hurting [...]

24 02, 2016

Selfie Station Celebration

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Let's face it, who doesn't love to take pictures at a wedding? We are obsessed with the idea of a selfie station for you and your guests. All it takes is a few props, a stylish back drop and a photographer, and you'll create fun and quirky photos that will last a lifetime. 

21 02, 2016

Picture Perfect Backdrop

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Trend Alert! We love how adorable these pictures are displayed! Pictures show your guests how your relationship has grown throughout time, and for the ones who were there, it allows them to share their own fond memories. Whether you string Polaroids, prop them up on a board, or even string them from the trees, a [...]

17 02, 2016

Jennifer & Ben

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One Fine Day is beyond thrilled that newlyweds Jennifer and Ben had their wedding day featured on Heather Renee Celebrations website! It was a beautiful celebration in Taylor, Mississippi and One Fine Day was so happy to plan and be involved with their wedding. Check out the blog post for more details at