Claire Kiamie Wedding Consultant Oxford MS

After working with the world’s own Betsy Johnson, Claire knew she wanted to continue throwing elaborate parties for years to come. From mini moets to hot pink feather boas, it was always the smallest details that Claire had the most fun planning during her time with Betsy. Turning each editorial party into something new and different was a challenge that Claire craved. When she left New York, Claire was positive she wanted to make a life out of creating these special occasions.

Her inspiration, however, did not come from just one source. It started at home; she gives much of the credit to her mother:

“Where did I learn to throw a good party? My mom! I owe it all to her. From the overall vision to the small defining details. Her style, her taste, all of it. She never blinks to try something new and it always seems to turn out fabulous. She taught me it’s all about what you love, so to do what you love, and here I am, doing just that!”

Claire is now going into her tenth successful year of owning and operating One Fine Day Event Planning. The company is committed to exceeding the high expectations of their clients. One Fine Day Events is founded on the belief that every client deserves an event that is both unique and unforgettable. We strive to make our clients’ visions become reality, while also offering our own expertise to achieve one of a kind events.

At One Fine Day, we believe in establishing a personal relationship with our clients. The team understands that every client has a dream result in mind; it’s our duty to turn those dreams into a reality with grace and elegance.

Throughout the planning process, our team works with each client while our designer, consultant, and coordinator offer insight into each detail. To us, the personal details are what make an event truly amazing. From local and destination weddings to extravagant corporate galas, One Fine Day guarantees to invent awe-inspiring affairs that will dazzle you and your guests.

Claire’s work has been displayed in Premier Bride, Invitation Oxford, Southern Bride, Mississippi Magazine, Popsugar, MuMu Weddings and The Oxford Eagle. Not only is she a wedding planner, she is also a lover of traveling the globe, gourmet foods, fine red wines, and her most favorite thing to do: dancing at any time of the day with her precious family of 4!